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Marine Pumps

Dosing pump, metering pump (plunger dosing pump, hydraulic diaphragm dosing pump, mechanical diaphragm dosing pump)
The dosing pump is a special reciprocating displacement pump, of which the discharge can be infinitely regulated between 0 and 100% to feed corrosive and non-corrosive liquid at a certain amount for the purposes of different process flows. It includes plunger dosing pump, hydraulic diaphragm dosing pump and mechanical diaphragm dosing pump. The products comply with GB/ T7782-1996, CE dosing pump standard.
Dosing pumps are extensively used in such industries and sectors as petroleum, chemical, water treatment, environmental protection, food, light industry, paper-making, pharmacy, dyeing and finishing, metallurgy and mining. 

Marine pumps

Offering a range of marine pumps, centrifugal pumps, marine jet pump, diesel fire-pump, marine vertical centrifugal pumps, horizontal centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, vortex pump, sea water pumps (CPT, CPJ, CWY, CL CLH, CLZ, CIS, CWF, CWL, CWZ, CYZ, DNW, CQX, CX, CXZ, CWX, W, WZ, CS, CB, ZYG), are widely used in the ship row hydrophobic, emergency fire, bilge ballast, cooling pumps, desalination of sea water, hot and cold water cycling, sanitation pumps, sewage pumps,  life-saving emergency.

Marine pumps are ideally suited for saltwater, as well as brackish water and waste water applications. These alloys offer superior resistance to corrosion/errosion in saltwater applications. 

Certificates achieved include ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK etc. 


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High pressure valve, marine steel plates, control cables, flexible metal hose, rubber hose, diesel engine, marine parts, anchor chains, anchor, anchor shackles, chock, bollard, kenter shackles, marine sanitary system, petroleum machinery, drill pipes, drill collars, casing tube, hydraulic jar tester, bucking unit, wellhead equipment,  pressure vessel, life raft davit and crane, boat winch,  chemical tanks, deck machinery, electric anchor winlass, working winches, capstans, purse seine winches, Yokohama Rubber Fender, Polyurethane Floating Fenders, Dock Marine Fender, Yacht Fender, D type Fender, Marine Airbag, Salvage Airbag, rubber airbags, work barge, freezer container, reefer container, offshore reefer, special dry box


Monolithic Refractories material, castable material, power cable, boiler tubes, seamless boiler tubes, Structural and other seamless pipes, Internally ribbed tube, High pressure boiler pipes, Low and middle pressure boiler pipes, stainless steel bar, alloy pipe, copper pipe, mud box, seamless pipe, SSAW pipe, expansion joints,  power cables, rubber hose, diesel engine, gearbox, turbocharger