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Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate more sales and leads. However,like any other strategy,it takes time before you can see actual results,especially in terms of increased deliverability. The right search engine optimization training will certainly help. But,here are some other practices you should consider:

Follow a regular schedule

Both the timing and frequency can make or break your email marketing strategy. Without consistency,your subscribers will only forget they’ve signed up to your newsletter and other notifications. But,you also can’t send way too many emails either. Come up with schedule and stick to it. Prepare enough marketing materials ahead of schedule so you’ll have at least one email to send every week. You can also send an email once every two weeks.

Send your marketing emails in batches

The goal of your strategy is to reach as many possible customers as possible. But,it’s not advisale to send an email to everyone on your list all at once. It’s best to do it in batches to avoid getting labelled a spam. Check which users you have the most number of engagements with and prioritize them.

Avoid spammy subject lines

Your subject line will affect whether the recipient will open your email or not. Now,there are methods that filter emails which contain catch phrases that send them immediately to the spam folder. Prevent your emails from getting lost in a pile of spams by avoiding common spam phrases such as “Click Now!” and “risk-free.”

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